The Baking Librarian

Photo on 2012-05-18 at 22.30 #2My name is Kelly Dickinson and I am the middle school librarian at an independent girls’ school in the DC metro area.  I have loved books and libraries all my life.  In high school I became involved with our student library advisory board and learned a great deal about being an awesome librarian from my librarian.  So when I neared the end of my undergraduate studies in English Literature and Women’s Studies and began to consider my next step in life, librarianship floated back to the front of my mind.  I soon realized that becoming a librarian was not only the ideal job for me; in librarianship, I feel that I’ve found a passion and vocation as well as a career.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the diverse field of librarianship, check out this wonderful post by Abby Johnson (librarian and blogger extraordinaire!).   She provides a great overview about librarianship and library school; the post also includes links out to several other incredibly helpful blog posts.

I read a huge variety of fiction and nonfiction but have special interests in fantasy Photo on 2011-06-26 at 22.06 #2(especially fantasy featuring complex female protagonists!), historical fiction, LGBTQ fiction, mysteries, biographies, and nonfiction focused on topics in gender & women’s studies,  history (especially literary or cultural history), and education.  Since beginning my job, I’ve also becoming increasingly active (mostly as a learner) in the rich world of multicultural and progressive education.

IMG_0186As the title of this page suggests, I am also a passionate (some might say obsessed) baker.   My love of baking (like my love for reading and teaching) seems to be an inherited trait; all the members of my  immediate family are bakers, readers, and educators of some kind.  I frequently use my colleagues and students as guinea pigs for new cookie, cupcake, cake, and muffin recipes and I often incorporate baked goods into library programs.

I am a member of the American Library Association and its divisions, Young Adult Library Association (YALSA) and American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

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