Chicago Under Siege by Thousands of Librarians!

ImAttendinglarge  I’m very excited to be attending the ALA Annual Conference this year in Chicago! This will be my second ALA Annual; I attended for the first time in 2011 as a participant in the ALA Student to Staff program, a fantastic way for library science grad students to attend Annual   without paying the conference fees AND to gain insight into the inner workings of the ALA.   However, while I’m not actually a first-time attendee, I still feel quite overwhelmed by the options, advice, and opportunities!  After all, I’m still very much a newbie librarian 🙂 But I’m very excited and I plan to do as much as possible over this action-packed weekend! I plan to share my experience–and communicate with others–via Twitter and Tumblr during the conference.

So if you’ll be at ALA Annual this weekend, please say ‘hi’ if you see me!


Here is a recent photo of my face to use for reference. Note that it has been sepia-toned to make me look classier than normal.

 I’ll be attending the AASL preconference ‘Real World, Real Tools’ on Friday afternoon and then I will be at a variety of sessions over the weekend.  I’m hoping to attend the 8th Annual Newbie & Veteran Librarian Tweet Up on Saturday evening and possibly some of the other evening event Friday and Saturday nights.

To follow me, social media-wise, here’s my information:

Twitter: @onesmartcupcake


Hope to see some of you there!



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