48HBC Finishing Line: One Last Quick Review + Final Stats

48hbc_newI did it!  Despite several large chunks of time when I was out occupied with other commitments this weekend–and time for sleeping–I actually pretty much achieved my reading/blogging time goal and read more books than I predicted!  And although I technically still have until 7am tomorrow morning, I’m ready to get some sleep.  So I’m calling my finish line a bit early.  Here’s my last quick review and my final stats.

For my final book,  I snuck in a quick read of Persepolis: The Story of A Childhood. 

persepolisPersepolis: The Story of A Childhood – Marjane Satrapi 

This graphic memoir has been on my TBR pile for a very long time and I was determined to use this weekend to finally move it to my ‘Read’ pile!  I snuck it in right at the end, in between my Tony Awards viewing 🙂 A compelling look at the Islamic Revolution in Iran from the perspective of a child and young teenager, Persepolis is heartbreaking, humorous, endearing, frightening, and important.  I love Satrapi’s deceptively simple illustration style.  I also really appreciate her ability to tap into her memories and produce a narrative voice that honestly and accurately portrays a child’s perspective.  It brings events that could seem like distant history very much to life through its evocative illustrations and the very human, individual stories told.  I give it a strong 4.5 / 5 stars.

Challenge Final Stats:

Hours Read: 13.5 hours (+ 1.25 hours listening to Doll Bones) = 14.75 hours total

Hours Blogged:  3.75 hours

Social Networking: .75 hours

48HBC Hours Final Total: 19.25 hours

Books Read: 6.5 books ( 6 whole books + the final 1/4 of Sticks & Stones and the first 1/4 of Doll Bones)

Pages Read: 2,153 pages (including my Doll Bones listening, calculated using Abby The Librarian’s formula in her great 48HBC audiobook post)

I’m so happy and proud to have joined in the 48 Hour Book Challenge for the first time this spring!  I definitely feel that I achieved my goals of whittling down my TBR pile, revitalizing my blogging habits, reading some great books, and interacting with the great community of participants!  I have so many new blogs to read!  Thank you to Ms. Yingling Reads for hosting the challenge this year–and to Abby The Librarian for her informative tips posts which motivated me to participate this year. I will try to do some more catch up on 48HBC-related social networking tomorrow evening and will be watching all the participants’ blogs for further reviews!  I will post some longer reviews for most of the books I read this weekend–but since I am going traveling for most of this month, they might not all appear until July.

Thank you again to all my fellow participants!  I’m off to dream–probably about books!


4 thoughts on “48HBC Finishing Line: One Last Quick Review + Final Stats

  1. Hooray! Sleep is sometimes (gasp) better than reading! I’m glad that you enjoyed the 48HBC. I think that it will be hosted somewhere next year, hopefully back at MotherReader, where it rightfully belongs. It always helps so much with the TBR pile.

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