48HBC Update: One Book Down!

I’ve finished my first book–the utterly delightful, 2012 Newbery Honor Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage!

three times lucky

I don’t always get a chance to read as many novels that fall on the younger end of the middle grade spectrum since I spend the year working with 7-12 graders.   So I like do some catching up over the summer. I like to get feel for the books my incoming 7th graders might have been reading before they get to me–and there are so many excellent middle grade books being written right now I can’t help but want to read them all!   Three Times Lucky is a perfect example of a middle grade gem!

The story is the ideal combination of exciting mystery, quirky small town tale, and a classic search for identity.  I absolutely adored Mo from the very first page; she is a wit-smart, hilarious, and incredibly sympathetic narrator & protagonist.  The supporting cast of characters could easily have become flat stereotypes of the traditional ‘quirky Southern townspeople’ but Turnage carefully reveals their human complexity as events unfold.  I especially love the way Mo’s determination to solve the mystery of her past and identity intertwines perfectly with the thrilling murder-kidnapping-robbery caper.

 A big 5 stars from me and likely a fuller review to come!

Challenge Update

Hours Read: 2 hours (after subtracting about 15 minutes for food fetching, teeth brushing & dish washing)

Hours Blogged: .5 hours

Books Read: 1 (Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage)


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