48 Hour Book Challenge!

48hbc_newAfter hearing about it for years, I finally decided (quite spontaneously) to try and join in the 48 Hour Book Challenge, which takes place this weekend from Friday (today) 7am to Monday 7am!  In my usual blog-reading catch-up time, I read several great posts by Abby The Librarian and decided that even though this weekend happens to be graduation weekend at my school and my last semi-free weekend before my practically back to back trips to London (as a chaperone to 15 teenage girls) and to Chicago (for ALA Annual!!), I couldn’t resist the chance to join in this fabulous community-and to whittle down my continuously growing  TBR (To Be Read) pile!

Since this is my first time participating, I have pretty modest goals.  I’m hoping to get in about 15 hours of reading/blogging–then perhaps 18 hours total if I take my one hour of social networking time per every 5 hours of reading.  I’m not making any goals related to  number of books or pages–I’m just going see what I manage to read this year! My larger goals of participating in the Challenge this year are less concrete.  I’m hoping to recharge before the next very busy couple of weeks, to kickstart a more regular blogging practice,  to read a bunch of great books, and to participate in the wonderful community surrounding this challenge.

I have a big pile of potential reads sorted out–with back-ups available, of course!


My TBR Pile for the 48 Hour Book Challenge!

I don’t plan to get through all of these–I just like to have options 🙂   I am hoping to take advantage of the 1 audiobook rule and was excited to find a copy of the audiobook for Holly Black’s exciting new middle grade novel The Doll Bones at my local public library–it sounds delightfully creepy!  Additionally, I’m including my current book: the compelling and highly important Sticks and Stones: Defeating The Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering The Power of Character and Empathy by Emily Bazelon.  Assuming I don’t finish it today, I’ll count whatever remaining pages and fraction of the book (.5 or .25 books) I read tomorrow into my total.

I will be starting at 7am Saturday morning and finishing at 7am on Monday.  I will post some quick reviews and progress updates here (and perhaps on my recently revitalized Tumblr as well);  I will also try to do some tweeting as well–follow #48hbc to see everyone’s progress!  Check back here tomorrow morning for my starting line post!

Still want to participate?  It’s not too late!  You just need to pick out a 48 hour period sometime over the weekend.  Check out the information over at Ms. Yingling Reads where the challenge is graciously being hosted this year!


One thought on “48 Hour Book Challenge!

  1. Hello!

    This is my first year, as well. I was lucky to see it on a blog from a fellow #middlegrademay participant. We had fun reading up an MG storm last month and I wanted to continue with one of my first loves that’s fallen by the wayside since writing took over.

    I don’t have book count goals, either, but I have another reading challenge 30 Books in 90 Days that starts the last week of the month, so I’ll have plenty of books to choose from.

    My first book for this challenge, DOUBLE VISION by F.T. Bradley is the only actual book I’ll be reading this weekend. The rest are ebooks. I won this signed copy and there’s something satisfying and nostalgic about turning an actual paper page. 🙂 Also, I’m not sure how I’d even keep tabs on page count with the digital format, so I’ll go by hours, if anything.

    Happy reading this weekend!

    Tonette dela Luna

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